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Welcome divine beauty,...



You know your here for MORE at this time in rapidly evolving consciousness on the planet.


You know that deep within you is a SPARKLE of d-e-s-i-r-e to step out and been seen in the light of your abundant, soulful beauty and unique contribution.


I know it as well!


In fact I have helped MANY women abundantly bloom into the fullness of their sacred work, and now I know it's your turn too.


My name is Tara Preston and I am a Beauty Shaman. I help women just like you root into their beauty truth and power, so they can fully blossom (with a whole lotta nourished flow) into the sacredness of who they came here to be and what they came here to do with the added bonus of making flourishing finances part of their path!


You see very often women make their way to me when they DESIRE more. They want fulfillment , true fulfillment past the obligations, the doing, the hustle, burn out, never enough-ness and disconnect that very often keeps women feeling limited in their lives.


YES - it's time for women to come out from underneath all the needs of everyone else, and CLAIM the beauty of not just their abundance divine beauty, but also their dreams. This is where the true fulfillment of living really happens. THIS is where abundance naturally f-l-o-w-s.


Women we begin to say YES to who we feel called to be as women in the world, and bring our  gifts, beauty, and truth to the forefront of our lives, the universe really does begin to mirror back to us our QUEENLY divine nature.


Life BEGINS to flow with a NEW frequency of ease and abundnace.


But who are you sweet one, to be a QUEEN?  Well, I ask you, who are you not to be! Every women is one and the world is waiting desperating for women just like you to begin showing up as the powerful, beautiful woman you were born to be.


Very often when women come to me they feel themselves hiding. The path is slow, and they feel uncertain. This is a NEW time on the planet where women are rising, BUT for along time the feminine has experienced great suppression here on the planet! 

Very often women have core emotional wounding, old karmic patterns, and other energetic blocks that keep them in hiding, limiting the expression of your true divine nature in so many areas of life.


Through Tara's Akashic Record work women are able to create a new self-image that is beautiful, powerful and sacred.

Tara holds a deep space for healing as women reclaim their dreams, and bring to light hidden aspects of themselves while clearing major soul-level blocks keeping them stuck, then realigning the beauty of their inner and outer worlds.

They then feel empowered to step out being visible, with who they came here to be.


Very often one single session will clear layers of the healing needed to step out and be seen the way you are really craving in life & business. This then takes you to a whole new level of flow.


At every level of  soul growth, there will be layers of energetic blocks to clear. The soul is much older than this experience, so inevitably as you express more of your divine nature through your physical experience there will be new layers of alignment, healing, and clearing work needed to support speedy growth.

Without this it can be easy to get stuck in the mud of old blocks.


After Akashic Record work women often feel crystal clarity, momentum and alignment to their power, and prosperous path. They begin to show up different in the world around them, and as a result the world mirrors back to them the changes they were desiring.

What then happens is that you become much more available for that which you are asking for.  Manifestion flows with ease, and attracting the clients, opportunities and money you truly desire happens  with less of an effort.


Ready to align to your divine nature with the flow, nourishment and ease? Reach out for a 15 minute discovery, connection call. Email tara.preston@sacredfemininepath.com to apply.







Book your $99.00 USD "30 MIN Sacred Beauty Activation Call" where you will:


  • Dissolve barriers that prevent you from showing up as your MOST radiant, powerful Self.
  • Identification of your unique Sacred Beauty Archetype, gifts and soul's purpose!
  • Intuitive next steps for clarity along your soul path.

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    These sessions are done virtually and can be done from anywhere in the world.




OR Email: tara.preston@sacredfemininepath.com to book your session today.






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Done daily this practise is life changing! Join many women who have implemented this life changing practise today and watch yourself radiantly bloom into your MOST sacred beautiful Self.

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