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Welcome, highly conscious feminine entrepreneur...


Alignment to your inner beauty, and soul-level gifts in your sacred business is the key to creating divine abundance that that naturally flows.


When you hide your gifts, beauty, truth or power what you actually end up doing

is cutting yourself off from being available for the abundance that your are intending to create.


Very often there is core emotional wounding, old karmic patterns, and other energetic blocks that keep you in hiding, limiting the expression of your true divine nature.


Through Tara's Intuitive Akashic Record work women are able to uncover their light, while clearing major soul-level blocks, then realigning the beauty of their inner and outer worlds. They then feel empowered to step out being visible, with who they came here to be.


Very often one single session will clear layers of the healing needed to step out and be seen the way you are really craving in life & business. This then takes you to a whole new level of flow.


At every level of business growth (especially for highly conscious feminine entrepreneur's), there will be layers of energetic blocks to clear. The soul is much older than this experience, so inevitably as you express more of your divine nature through your physical experience there will be new layers of alignment, healing, and clearing work needed to support speedy growth.

Without this it can be easy to get stuck in the mud of old blocks.


After Akashic Record work women often feel this new level of clear, aligned core confidence.

What then happens is that you become much more available for that which you are asking for.  Manifestion flows with ease, and attracting the clients, opportunities and money you truly desire happens  with less of an effort.


Ready to step align your divine nature with the flow of your business? Reach out for a 15 minute discovery, connection call. Email tara.preston@sacredfemininepath.com to apply.




Book your complimentary "Intuitive Business Breakthrough Session" where you will discover:


  • How to find the passion in your business that will fuel your growth
  • Clarity around what your intuition is telling you, and the confidence to follow it!
  • Next steps to create breakthrough & beautiful business momentum.


Email: tara.preston@sacredfemininepath.com to apply for your session today.


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