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Tara Preston is a Beauty Shaman, Certified Soul Artist(tm), Akashic Record Healer, and Intuitive Business Mentor for spirited women who are ready to live beautifully in the boldness of their soul's calling.


She is passionate about supporting women in birthing their dream business into reality, while confidently owning the light of their beauty, truth and power.


Tara helps her clients deeply connect to their intuition, soul's vision, and divine gifts.


She believes that when women root into their power, value their gifts, and trust themselves they naturally flow into greater authentic expression of their prosperous divine purpose.


She is able to bring light to her clients hidden potential, allowing their most authentic Self to be visible in the world, so they feel confident stepping out with all that they are, creating a life that they love.


Through her years of working with the Akashic Records Tara has witnessed many, many  breakthroughs as her clients release years of deeply entrenched patterns in a single session.

Eight years ago, Tara became a Mama to a little girl, and left her professional career in the beauty industry.  She then became a soul purpose coach for women working with them deeply. Using the powerful spiritual healing tool known as the Akashic Records she began supporting women in unravelling their old stories of disempowerment. With the Akashic Records she watched women quickly release years and years of old pain, and core wounding, then reclaiming their true power.

Some pain carried through generations of family before them.


She could see their divine soul blueprint, really understanding their uniqueness and how to express that authentically and naturally through every area of life for deeper fulfillment, embodied feminine power, and mastery of their experience.


With Tara's highly sensitive nature making the decision to offer my gifts through a passion based business, and follow her FULL purposeful expression wasn't always much of this she now gets to share with other women like you in order to shortcut the path for them.


For a long time as a highly sensitive woman, she had trouble managing her energy, or holding her center. She didn't always fully trust her divine inspiration or intuition to lead her into her mission. She also had old wounds (some would to this as the Mother Wound), wounds that had her operating out of guilt, obligation, and old shame that she has since healed.


Her core desire is to help you stand in your divine feminine power, so you feel
supported to step out and make the contribution you feel called to make...



Now as she journey's with women she brings together many powerful spiritual tools, a business and journalism background, soul coaching principles, and ancient feminine wisdom teachings. Women who work with Tara are able to quickly create lives that authentically to them. They feel empowered, beautiful, and aligned to their sacred work.


Grounding out the vision for her life & spiritual business took a lot of support as well. She knew she  was carving a path for other women just like you, so she kept showing up and doing the work.


She was never afraid to find and acquire the support because she wanted to be the woman that lived in her purpose, creating abundance and not from a place of exhaustion .

Over the last 6 years, Tara has personally invested over $30,000 plus in coaching with several top industry mentors. She has invested extensively in personal empowerment training, money mastery studies, divine feminine studies, women's circle work, and business development, all of which she now gets to share with the women who work with her.



"I hold space for women who are wanting to feel fully expressed through lives and business that give back to them as much as they give to others." Tara Preston, Intuitive Business Mentor, Soul Guide for spirited women.

She wants women to know that creating a business that feels fun, joyful and led by passion is possible.


"Often women come to me and they have a desire, or an instinct to follow a path, and they hesitate. They wait for permission to follow their joy. I am here to tell you, the only one you need permission from... is YOU."

- Tara Preston, Intuitive Business Mentor, Beauty Shaman, Soul Guide


Living your purpose & birthing your abundant purpose based business can be done, and it doesn’t have to take years to do it...

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