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Sacred Feminine Soul Mapping

Soul Mapping Business VIP Intensive

4 Week Business Intentives for Highly Consiously Feminine Entrepruenrs

A soul aligned pathway to ignite your BIG dreams


Are you a spiritual healer, intuitive, feminine entrepreneur, or mama on a mission ready to take your life and business to the next level?


You see the big picture. You know what’s coming, and YET the pathway to get there seems to continuously elude you.


You know you're meant for more, but somehow you just aren’t getting the momentum, or the money alignment you need to take your dreams to the next level.


You're a woman who feels in her bones the desire to experience her greatness, and do it with  more ease, abundance. You feel the call to step into your power, and serve in a bigger way, BUT you also know that and old approach to new ideas won’t get you to where you want to go.


Introducing the  Soul Mapping Business VIP Intensive where you will:


-Create a feminine inspired, soul aligned pathway to flow into your next level of visible business success!

-Clear money blocks, and other karmic soul-level restrictions keeping you struggling

-Upgrade your success mindset to grow into your next level with ease!

-Come into alignment with your new desired money goal, and begin attracting your clients

-Design a simple business structure that takes you outside of the dollars for hour model (and gives you more time and freedom) You have a unique (high value) transformational journey you can take your clients on RIGHT now.

-Step into your vibrant power, value your divine gifts, and move into effortless abundance.

-Blossom into the visible empowered woman you were born to be.


Do you secretly want to create sacred success with the flexibility, fun, and  freedom you really desire?


Your feminine spirit wants to be consulted and trusted to move you forward into great expression of your soul’s calling. My Sacred Feminine Soul Mapping Business VIP Intensive (™) will bring you into alignment with your highest vision as a evolution change agent.


I help women get clear about what they really want, and where they really feel guided to go. Their old life doesn’t fit them any more – it doesn’t feel right. And you know you want to play a bigger game but you aren’t sure what it is or how to play it.


What you do know is that you want someone who is where you would love to be. Someone who can guide you into a place of clarity, confidence and alignment with your true desires.Someone who can help you own your power, charge your for your brilliance, and feel supported in following the call of your soul!


The next step on your Sacred Feminine Path is gesturing to you and calling you forward, but what you aren’t yet aware of is what’s holding you back. You know that you need someone who has been where you want to go, who can hold space for the truth of how you are really feeling guided to step out. You need someone that can hold space for the vision that is ready to be birthed through you, and brought to life in a way that supports true abundance, freedom and


What you DON’t need is a traditional business coach! What you DO need is a Intuitive Business Guide~ess, who truly sees you, has your back, and knows how to support you in being visibly powerful, so you can stand out and create a business that is the true expression of your authentic beauty, & unique soul’s purpose.



In my Soul Mapping Business VIP Intensive, you will receive:

-Two, two hour virtual sessions dedicated to you, and your business.

-“Your Spirit’s Talking to You” Workbook 19-page Journaling Exercise

-Deep systematic Soul-level alignment clearing work through the Akashic Records

-Connection to your Feminine Soul Archetype for abundant aligned offerings.

-Gathering all that you are into signature programs that trade dollars for hours (drop the struggle) so you feel supported and nourished.

-Guidance from your spirit guides, and higher self to create a clear Beautiful Business Blueprint to take and implement our finding yourself.

-A feminine inspired pathway to support your expansion (think clarity, flow and ease)

-Unlimited email access to in between your VIP Intensive Sessions for implementation support, clarity, and feedback as you take the steps needed to jumpstart your newfound clarity!


You don’t have to do this alone. Your time is now, so let’s do this



4 Week Sacred Feminine Soul Mapping Business VIP Intensive.


This service clearly identifies how your feminine spirit is guiding you forward into greater expression at this point on your path. Whether that’s through an authentically-aligned business, or if it identifies your unique sacred healing work, we will map out the steps needed to come into alignment with the next evolution of your purposeful path.


By now, you’ve most likely experienced the joy of having lived aspects of your purposeful work and life. Things have felt pretty much in alignment, but things are ready to shift!


You know deep inside yourself that you are meant for more. The desire to experience yourself in a new way is nudging at you from the inside, and you’re not sure how to navigate the changes that come with that.


You know your are ready for growth in your life or your healing business…but the question is how to make that happen.


The Soul Business Mapping VIP Business Intensive gives you a big picture look at your life, and shows you clearly how your spirit is guiding you forward into your next evolution. We use ancient wisdom of the Akashic Records to intuitively read who you are at soul-level and incorporate a feminine process to map out how you can best harness the power of this transition, and birth a business that fully expresses you and what you are here to do.


In fact, most women work with me when they are in the midst of life turning point. They feel at some level their old life's just not who they are anymore, old ways of doing business no longer support the way they long to show up in the world, and yet understanding how to navigate that can be confusing..


A life turning point such as this is often the catalyst for expressing more of our purpose, and birthing our sacred work as women. Think about how great it would feel to create the life that supports who-you-are-becoming with confidence and crystal clarity for your soul path.


Beautiful women…you have been waiting for this for far too long.


Let’s do this together, I will support you and provide you with soul-level healing, and the spiritual insight you need to rewrite your story…we can do this together and make this time in your life an extraordinary turning point for you to claim the next expression of your purposeful work and life.


"I was at a cross-roads when I found Tara and it was a sanction to learn more about my Self as a blessing from her considerable skills. Her insights are keen and deep. My Akashic Records journey was thrilling because I could see where I’d been and where I needed to go next. Tara also helped me smooth out some bumps in my business. My sense of gratitude is eternal." ~ Pat Matson, Copywriter for Soul-Based Entrepreneurs


You’ll do the visioning, and I will guide you to create your Beautiful  Business Blueprint, that will give you the clarity and confidence you need to step forward. This will allow you to move forward from an empowered place of self-support and clarity and will help integrate new ways of being so that you can reap the full benefits of your transformational experience.


If you find it hard to move forward in your life on your own, if you lack clarity on exactly how to begin showing up in the world with your greater expression of your gifts, healing teachings, sacred leadership power, and authenticity, or if you are unsure about what the next step is on your path with your sacred work, then you’ll love this beautiful space I have prepared for you to take time out to hear how your spirit is truly guiding you into greater authentic expression if your life and work.


Typically women come to me when they sense that change is present, and if fully embraced, can offer them the opportunity to emerge powerfully into the next expression of their evolution as a woman.


I know first hand how this feels.


After the birth of my daughter, stepping into the fullness of my purpose, and aligning to my mission happened when my old life didn’t feel right anymore. Things were out of alignment and I could feel it. The women that had big things to share with the world, grew really tired of silencing the desires of my inner longings. My outside life was only partially aligned to who I was on the inside.


Since then (almost 6 years ago), I have grown my business to support with 3k, 5k and even 8k months! Often it was all done by knowing how to create a business that was in alignment with my authentic expression. I understand that building a business doesn’t have to be work, that feeling juicy and attractive is the key to calling in the clients, and the money I need to more fully as a purpose inspired woman and Mom.


Sometimes, as women, when we feel called to step out with our mission, truth, voice and full feminine power, it can feel daunting…especially if no one around us is living it or doing it to the capacity we know we want to live. It keeps us playing smaller than the vision that lives inside of us.


Often, we need other women who can energetically and lovingly hold that space for our next expression, and who can help us put together the pieces of our unique purpose and sacred work in way that intuitively feels right for us, and in a way that will give back to us and sustain us.


Now what often happens is instead of stepping out the way we want, we end up looping around our old patterns.  Then we take a step forward, take a step back, and stay stuck in hiding, rather than aligning to what we truly want and emerging into the work, and life that we truly want to be doing.

What we get when we do this is whishy washy manifestation of what we are intending to create. Through this 4 Week Sacred Feminine Business VIP Intensive I will be giving you all the pieces you need to step into your next level, and claim the life you are feeling called to live.


There’s also the feeling of being totally inspired by the vision of our purpose, but then we allow ourselves to be  talked out of why that path couldn’t possibly be for us. Sometimes it just feels overwhelming trying to break down the vision into smaller pieces without the trusted guidance and support of a mentor.


What I often see is that the Sacred Feminine Path that is calling you forward is right there in front of you.


You’re just not really sure how step into it,or walk that path in a way that you feel empowered about living it to the capacity you deeply want to! Other times it’s our commitments and living out of obligation that derails our dreams over and over again.


Are you ready to get out of your own way?


Let’s get clear about what you want, heal what no longer serves you, and align to who you are at soul-level so you can:


Claim the beauty of your purposeful emergence through your next level offerings

Step into your power without apology (no more hiding), and attract more of what you want

Get clear on your message and mission

Design a simple business structure that takes you outside of the dollars for hour model (and gives you more time and freedom)

Clear money blocks, and shift greater ease around receiving MORE with ease.

Birth the sacred work that is in true alignment with your soul

Serve the people you are passionate about serving.(without burning out)


During your Soul Mapping  Business VIP Intensive we will cover:


What life area you are currently experiencing the most blockages in, and the healing work to move you forward once and for all.

Connection to your Sacred Feminine Soul Archetype, divine gifts, and soul-level qualities. This gives you key insights into your soul’s most authentic expression in life and business.


How you can combine your life experiences, teachings, healing tools, and gifts into one authentic business that truly expresses your soul’s purpose.

During this part of our work together, we will look at clearing work to facilitate greater alignment, as well as new choices and mindset shifts that can be used to create the shifts necessary for greater alignment.


Your Beautiful Business Blueprint, and how your spirit is truly guiding you forward into greater expression and alignment of your soul’s purpose. We will map out a path that is based on the feminine process of transition, and a path that will facilitate the birth of the next expression of your purposeful life work or healing biz!


What you need and want to begin a self-supportive and loving transition in the life you're feeling called to live!

Guidance from your spirit guides to break resistance and help you move forward with greater ease.


An energy transfer of divine love, to activate your expansion. The energy of love is a very expansive energy. By receiving this energy transfer, you will naturally feel more supported and ready to move forward on your path, rather than stuck in fear.


The Sacred Feminine Soul Business Map that is yours to take and follow as you take the steps necessary to birth your sacred work, create your soul biz, and co-create your true desire’s moving forward.


Ready to dive in, say YES to your big dreams soul’s calling.

May Special Savings $1149.00

To make your full pay investment now CLICK HERE
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(Note: final payment must be made prior to the second half of the VIP Intensive)


Not sure if this service is for you?


Let’s get you moving forward, and show you what is totally possible just by building a business that expresses the unique transformation that only you are here to offer.


Or email for any questions you may have.


This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about how working together can create the clarity you need to, move forward into your purposeful work and life.


The healing and intuitive soul-level information that we cover in your session is done through my ability to read your soul’s Akashic Record.


Very often, this single session will clear blocks that my clients had been dealing with their entire life.  Because this block is rooted at soul-level, it can be very difficult to get to the bottom of it and clear it once and for all, however the Akashic Records tend to be very efficient and precise at clearing these types of blocks.


This is a block that you have most likely tried and tried to move through, but it keeps you circling back to the same painful various areas of your life.


During this session, we also look at new ways of being that will further align you to and support you in moving into the next expression of your purposeful vision and soul’s expansion.


Now is the time to listen to the whispers of your soul, and gently allow it to guide you forward, to claim your purpose, dreams, and feminine power.


How would your life change if you could…

1) Trust yourself and your intuition to guide you into the next step of your purpose.

2)  Make yourself a priority, and create gentle boundaries that nurture and support your daily needs, and highest vision so there was more space for what you wanted (including more money)

3)  Create a spiritual practice that supports your new clear vision aligning quickly to your uplevel. dreams.

4) Work with the power of intention and prayer energy to powerfully come into alignment with your purpose.

5)  Allow yourself to work from a space of self-love, receptivity, feminine flow, self-acceptance, and greater self-worth with sacred space assignments, and healing tools.

6)  Nurture and embody your unique spirit’s essence.

7) Learn to apply the principles of Divine Power, becoming empowered spiritually, accelerating your ability to master your life and relationships.

8) Feel excited, and passionate about the endless possibilities and potential for growth in your life.

9) Stop worrying about what others will think and claim your space in the world with your true calling, and soul’s purpose, finally step out and forward with your unique spiritual gifts!

10)Begin to deeply understanding that you are not doing this all alone! Say hello to ease and lean into faith, surrender and trust while feeling fully supported by the divine.


Here’s how 4 Week Soul Mapping VIP Intensive Works


We’ll sit together VIRTUALLY, sipping chamomile tea (or another yummy beverage of your preference,) and together we’ll go over your Beautiful Business Sacred Feminine Soul Map to guide your transition into a beautiful empowered transformation. You’ll be held, heard, and witnessed as you give words to what you truly want for yourself.


1) Before your first session, I will send you a journal assignment so that we can begin to dig deep to discover how you are really feeling about what is going on in your life.  We will look at your current struggles, and where you are feeling unfulfilled, unexpressed, unheard, as well as what is feeling out of alignment with what you want and need to step into the next expression of your purpose. This exercise is also a chance to look at past life events that have shaped the women you have become, and what perhaps needs to be healed and released to support the women you are becoming.


2) BEFORE we meet, I need your full name at birth, your current full name, where you were born, and when you were born.  I use this information to read your soul’s Akashic Record. The Akashic Records are a profound source of information and is essentially an energetic field that I intuitively tap into. Each soul has it’s own record where I can discover everything about you at soul-level, as well as any blocks that exist at soul-level and how that is negatively affecting you in your life presently. Before our first session, I will read your record and gather up information that will be discussed, cleared and healed.


3) Also, before our first 2 hour session, I will request your pre-journaling exercise. I will intuitively go through your journalled content, and with the help of your guides pull it into a pathway that reflects your vision, desires, and unique soul-level blueprint. . All of this information will assist me in developing your preliminary Beautiful Business Blueprint.. And don’t worry, we will go over all the guidance steps in our second session, to make sure that the plan feels just right.


4) In your 1st session, we will dive into discussion about soul-level divine gifts, unique purpose, and clear major money, relationship or life blocks. We will look at how your purpose can be translated into your beautiful business uplevel, as well as how your life uplevel will flow to make it ALL happen!


From this session, you will understand how who you are at soul-level plays out in your life. We will look at both the positive aspects as well as the challenges of your soul-level characteristics and soul-level gifts. These issues will be all cleared.


5) At the end of the first session, we will look at how to move into graceful, inspired action taking to keep the momentum rolling.


6) During this session we will finalize the Beautiful Business Blueprint so you feel cleared and inspired to begin taking action the moment we finish!  Be ready to step out and shine!


We will make sure to leave time for questions, and of course I am available inbetwee

7) The Second two hour session is to provide additional energetic clearing work, and alignment to your goals. Support during this session will allow you to gain the clarity, and confidence you need to keep the momentum of your uplevel going. Step into your power, own the value of your unique contribution, feel confident being seen as an expert, and fully open to receive everything you are putting into motion.


*Sessions are offered via video Skype, so that means that we can work

closely together, no matter where you live in the world.

Your “Sacred Feminine Soul Mapping Session” is a one-time fee of $1149 and includes two 2 - 2 hour sessions as well as the Step-by-Step Beautiful Business Blueprint.


The minute you make your payment, you will receive your journaling pre-assignment. This pre-assignment will lay the groundwork for your Beautiful Business Blueprint, and feminine inspired uplevel pathway.


To get the most out of our work together, you must consider that now is your time to step out as an empowered woman ready to claim what you want you want and move into the next expression of who you are being guided to be.


It is  time to embrace new paradigm teachings and new feminine inspired way of doing business. Ways that support ease, pleasure, purpose, authenticity, and abundance.


It’s time to change how you see yourself, and step out into the world unleashing the deep dreams of your soul to ignite your life from the inside, out!


Because that is the kind of journey that you and I will walk together…


To get the most out of our work together, you must consider that now is your time to step out as an empowered woman ready to claim what you want and move into the next expression of who you are being guided to be.


Now is a time  to change how you see yourself, and step out into the world unleashing the deep desires of your soul to ignite your life from the inside, out.


Because that is the kind of journey that you and I will walk together…


Ready to get started?


Full investment: make payment & register now

2 part bi-weekly investment: make payment & register now


Email tara.preston@sacredfemininepath for a 30 min complimentary Sacred Feminine Soul Strategy Session to make sure that you and I are a perfect match to work together! I can’t wait to connect with you!



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