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Feminine Soul Wisdom (™)Empowerment


90-Day Empowerment Program

A proven, intuitive pathway to becoming your most radiant authentic self.



Be the radiant, powerful, authentic woman you were born to be.

Follow and trust your intuition

Set yourself free.

Experience a new level of personal mastery.

Clear the path to your most beautiful life & businesses by healing the wounds holding you back once and for all.

This is a powerful jump-start program to unleash your next level in life and business. Your intuition knows where you want to go, but are you listening? Are you trusting?  Or, are you hitting walls and suffering in silence.

Wait no more, beautiful women...


This program is designed to give you your spiritual core power (with heart opening healing work to love yourself beautiful), so you can rock the next level of your sacred path. Through this program you will be held in a loving container that will give you the foundation for loving more of you, healing core heart wounds, as well as following your intuition into your highest path and purpose.

Here is the the thing. Stepping out into greater expression of who you are called to be, and what you are called to do is often scary.


Why? Because we doubt our inspirations and we question our own brilliance. It’s natural to do this, however sometimes we need a supportive women’s soul guide (that’s me) and container to hold us as we step into more of the women we came here to be.

Sometimes we need to go deeper in our healing, and bring into alignment new juicy ways of being that truly support our FEMININE evolution. Feminine evolution is also really about partnership, and receiving the support we need to make our dreams happen.


We aren’t meant to do it all alone, nor should we.

As women we are supporting others all around us. We give, give, and over give often leaving our desires, passions, and self- empowerment on the backburner. So it becomes essential that we find the support that will be the catalyst for our next level. Stepping out in greater love, and embodiment of our true divine feminine nature is what the world truly needs and will be the catalyst for truly living the free expression of our soul’s purpose.

Through this 90 Day program we will:

-Clear and open the channels to your intuition

-Align to your Divine Feminine Soul Archetype, and uncover your starseed mission.
-Claim sacred space for self-connection & personal mastery

-Get comfortable being visible in our power, radiance, truth and beauty
-Create your personal power hour to create alignment between all aspect of who you are, allowing you to hold a powerful centre, manifesting your desires with speed.
-Open (and heal) your heart to receive the beauty of your dreams, and flow into being (this is often where worthiness issues, or lack of self-love show up preventing us from fully receiving the life we yearn for)
-Uncover what you really want, and ask for it regardless of who it works for.

-Step into the powerful woman you truly are (no more holding back, hiding, or playing small). Be paid your worth, and own your value as a spiritual entrepreneur/
-Relationship healing and clearing work to break free from old dynamics, and reharmonize family structures so you can continue to step into your soul’s calling.
-Clear deep energetic blockages and those energetic layers getting in the way of you moving forward the way you long to.
-Create a clear soul aligned vision, and intention to guide your life uplevel for the next 90 days and on.
-Access your guide team regularly (and even introduce you to your entire team)
-Show you how to work with a pendulum and connect to your higher wisdom for support and clarity along your soul path.
-Create a container that will allow you to access your intuition, and understand how to trust it moving forward.
-Learn to work with feminine magic and cultivate a feminine state of being that pulls to you what you desire. You don’t have to do it all alone (understand deeply you are not doing it all alone), so you can truly let go and flourish.
-Create space in your life for you to move forward the way to truly desire to, so you feel the deep fulfillment of living in harmony with your most authentic, beautiful. powerful Self.
-Spirit guide rituals and assignments to begin loving and cherishing the divine woman you truly are.

The world is waiting for what you have to offer NOW.

The Feminine Soul Wisdom (™) Empowerment Programs Also Includes:


6  Akashic Record Clearing & Feminine Soul Activations Sessions (heal everything from deep core wounds to money blocks). The akashic records work on a cellular, subconsious and soul-level for your continued expansion and upleveling in any area of life.

Unlimited intuitive support through email & one on one sessions

On-Going channelled access from your spirit guides & higher self to guide your path.

Soul coaching during our one on one time to create a goddess empowerment mindset that will shift your reality into the high vibe, abundant one you are ready to live.

Throughout the program you will be given tools & homework assignment that will guide you to create incredible self-empowerment shifts in your life.  Learn and understand how to work with your intuition to a higher degree, and create a powerful sacred practise that anchors you into your feminine power, intentions, and soul aligned desires.

Know you are worthy of receiving everything and MORE you are ready to have in your life. Including more money, better relationships, greater expression of your purpose.

We will focus on creating space in your life, that will honour you as the beautiful, divine woman you were born to be, so you can show up as your most beautiful, radiant authentic Self, trusting your guidance system to bring you into alignment with your soul aligned life & business...all without getting stuck in your old stories.

Together we will create a new empowering stories of truth and abundance that will shape your destiny as the powerful divine woman you were born to be.

Each session we will be clearing layers for your deeper healing, allowing you to feel free to move forward the way you truly desire.

Homework assignments are generally inspired by your guides and are designed to bring you into greater self-connection, and juicy radiance as a you feel full and expansive, owning your value rather than over-giving and undervaluing who you are and what you have to offer supporting you to actually become the woman you were born to be.

Feminine Soul Wisdom Empowerment Package Empowered Decision Savings
Paid in Full
$1000.00 ($497.00 Savings)

Three Month Payment Plan
$1150.00 /  $383 per month

Regular Investment: $1497.00 as of January 1st, 2017
To Make Full Payment Click Here:

Bonus: One of the other tools that I use is the Soul Art Process---to cleanse, heal, and realign the Chaka’ s. Two of the most important Chakra’s I find for healing, empowerment that are often needed are the Sacral, and the Throat. I would love to add this process in for you as well. These are pre-recorded calls that I offer my 6 Month Coaching Clients. (Value $199)

Bonus: Your Spirit is Guiding You Workbook to create a clear pathway to your soul aligned life and business. FYI: this workbook and it’s findings are generally paired with the a 90 min Feminine Soul Vision Quest, however I find that the workbook allows you to really see big picture what needs to come into play for more of your purposeful expression. You may choose to do the Feminine Soul Vision Quest as an added service at the end of the program to continue the momentum of this program. This is a beautiful addition for those women who want to create a purposeful stream of income using their gifts or understand more deeply how to take their gifts back out into the world.


Bonus: Moon Rhythm Templates to create flow, and connection to the wisdom of the moon. Cultivate nourishing rhythms that activate ease and alignment to your highest path and purpose.


Bonus: Feminine Soul Wisdom VIP Virtual New Moon Circle to drop in and attune with the rhythms of the moon.Group channelled message. Creative assignments.

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